SHS Hyped for Homecoming Spirit Week

The energy is palpable this Spirit Week, where students and teachers alike are showing support for our varsity team by strutting their best duds. Even campus administration got involved including Assistant Principals Mr. Silas Garcia and Ms. Marissa Vanison.

On Monday, the school radiated holiday cheer for Christmas, Halloween, and everything in-between for “Holi-Day,” and on Tuesday it got totally parental with “BBQ Dad v. Soccer Mom” day. It’s not too late to join in on the festivities this week, as Wednesday features a tried-and-true classic freestyle favorite with “Who Am I?” day and Thursday pits channels and childhoods head-to-head with “Disney v. Nickelodeon.” It all comes to a head on Friday with each school year steppin' and reppin' in the Class Color Wars before the big Homecoming Parade and Game.

The Hollywood-themed Homecoming Dance takes place on Saturday, September 17. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your Spartan spirit!







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